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Christmas Movie Quiz

Behind the cut are pictures from 10 Christmas Movies. See how many you recognize (just because I forgot to journal today, and this was a quick thought).

1. This might be a hard one and a little obscure. It's a 1994 film about a bickering couple (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis) teetering on the edge of divorce, who have their Christmas dinner crashed by a home invader played by comedian Dennis Leary.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

2. Most people will recognize this 1983 flick, about a boy named Ralphie who tries to convince his parents that the perfect Christmas present is a Red Rider BB gun.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

3. Another easy one, from 2000, in which Jim Carrey goes green and plays the title character of this Dr. Seuss Christmas children's book.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

4. In this 2003 film, Billy Bob Thornton plays a miserable conman planning to rob department stores on Christmas Eve.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

5. Another Christmas favourite from 2003, in which Will Ferrell plays Buddy.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

6. The picture is from a 1994 remake of a 1947 classic in which Santa Claus goes to court.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

7. Bill Murray plays a nasty TV executive who gets visited by three ghosts in this 1988 takeoff of the classic Dickens story.

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

8. A historical drama made in 2005 about the famous 1914 Christmas truce of the First World War, in which French, English and German actors speak in their native tongues in the movie (with subtitles).

Joyeux Noel2.jpg

9. An ensemble cast movie from 2003 that includes the story of a British Prime Minister falling in love with his secretary, and an aging rock singer covering a classic song with a Christmas twist.


10. A 1987 movie about two men (played by Steve Martin and John Candy) trying to get home for the holidays. If you watched it, you'll remember the line "those aren't pillows!"

Cut and paste this into a comment below and see how many you get. I know there are a lot of moviephiles out there.


The answers are contained in the first comment. Happy movie watching. (What's your favourite Christmas or Holiday themed movie?)
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