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3 October 1919
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I'm a very private person, but on the other hand journaling is supposed to be freeing and how am I supposed to make friends in here if I don't expose myself (metaphorically speaking)?

I'm not really 100, I just feel that way sometimes. I'm monogamously partnered with a younger guy since 2008 (the age-gap thing seems to be my issue, not his) and we get along stupidly well. He's very sweet, but has wicked social anxiety. A lot of my journal entries are about our dull and domesticated life.

While at work I'm a suit and tie kinda guy who gets paid an obscene amount of money to work less than the average joe. In my spare time I am a knowledge junkie. I read a lot, mostly US history, but also lots of wellness stuff and some fiction. My favourite authors are: (in history writing) David Pietrusa and H. W. Brands; (in wellness) Ryan Holiday and Lama Marut; and (in fiction) Douglas Coupland, Pete Lefcourt, Walter Moseley and William Deverell.

I like sports (I'm a baseball nut, but I like hockey and football too). I am a fan of the Seattle Mariners, San Jose Sharks and the New Orleans Saints. I used to run marathons and might again someday, but for today I'm fixated on not getting fat and staying alive long enough to torment my significant other. I used to immaturely collect comics (DC superheros) but that interest has lessened over time. I love to travel except when I do too much of it in the course of my work. When I travel I take my camera along and journal about what I see to share with you.

I take myself too seriously at times, and one of my biggest faults is seeking the approval of others, but I'm working on it, so bear with me. Journaling is like my therapy.

Civility is important to me. I don't care if we disagree on things, and in fact I embrace diversity of thought. Sure there are exceptions like cruelty to the defenseless. But otherwise don't feel as if you have to agree with me, let's just disagree respectfully with one another and not take our disagreements personally.

I have this weird obsession about US history, especially Presidents, especially the obscure ones. No idea where that came from. I also have a nerdy obsession with futurism and have even devoted a whole month of journalling to the subject.

I don't smoke, drink or use any illegal drugs, and I enjoy the company of people who can face life on life's terms. AA is a big part of my life, but I try not to be preachy about it.

I believe that life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

I believe that love isn't something you fall into, it's something you grow into.

I can't dance to save my life, but I wish I could.

Sometimes I have this amazingly strong sense of self and sometimes I feel very lonely.

Um, what else would you like to know?

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